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Создан: 20.05.2006
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Once upon an evening, in the underground

Среда, 25 Июля 2007 г. 21:33 + в цитатник

Once upon an evening, in the underground
It was happened yesterday evening.  My head was full of English preposition and synonyms  which I was trying to push into my mind all day. As usual I went for a walk about 11 p.m. to have some fresh air and, if I find the bean in the cake, to enjoy some beautiful music.

Despite of grammar points and hard work of building my weak vocabulary, the day appeared not bad. There was hammock chair, baby carriage fulled of accumulators, player and musical equipment, and Chinese musician had been playing the ErHu.
Music sounds differently in different points on our underground. It sounds occultly from the left side of upstears, orphic from the right side, deep and gently from the central part of stairs, and rather loud in downstairs. I had just settled on the central part of right stairs (and prepared to become disconnected) when I was pin-pointed and invited to fall into underground. I was placed to be a bodyguard and protect the artist from imbeciles, bad stuff and ecumenical evil.

Note, than Masha and I have a faculty to seem as bodeful figures even without swords, bows, armors and Masha`s redoubtable crest. It scares away bad ments policemen and makes good policemen more sweet. (When they saw the mobile`s camera they became always worried about scandal film on central TV, civil court and there future job, especially in security of railway WC).
In that day bad ment policeman makes trips far away, and Masha badly delayed, and I filled myself rather uncomfortable, presaged of something not very plesant.

And then it had happened: a huge figure materialized from the passage. It was drunk guy pretended to be intelligence in spite of his mind had had extremely bad condition and had began to disintegrate. Because of that he had lost his ability to speak and think, and only his uncontrolled tongue was trying to make a speech.

-  I had been walking here and seeing to you more than 2 years, ye-e-e-ess, about 2 years… You know, I am a famous director of documentary films, my films was showed on Kultura ans 2-nd Channels, seriously… I have an idea to shot a documentary film about you, what is your name? Seriously! What? I am a famous director! About 2 years I have thinking about… What is his name? Oh, yes-s-s, my idea is to shot the film about the destiny which brought you from China, yes, interesting, to that underground, by the way, what is your name?..

Chinese musician demanded from me to be an interpreter of that speech into understandable language, and the guy supported it with great enthusiasm. Definitely it is written on my brow “Experienced interpreter from all Asian dialects to local language, negotiator and mediator”. So I had had a good chance to prove my speaking English and trained myself in decoding of turbid thoughts.
I had just started to make a translation, when the hard karma of synchronic interpreter became clearly obvious. Both participants of the negotiation did not respect the rules.

Drunk guy permanently forgot his own words, asked to repeat the name, speak a drivel about his 2-years old ideas and state as a famous director.  Into the bargain he was tall and stood so close to me, with his drunk perfume, and made gesticulation too much. I requested him to keep an honorific distance and, as it was not helpful, he was really stunned.

Chinese had been speaking in a mixture of English and Russian, so I automatically switched from one language into another and “director’ had been listened that abracadabra at large. And then Masha had come down. Together we felt ourselves more solid in front of drunk goat, policemen and ecumenical eventuality. At that moment two guys had started to converse with each others in Russian and we, being free, started to discuss how freakish was this day. Unfortunately it was not the end of the story.

When drunk guy had started his speech in the third time I realized the main idea of the situation (I will explain it in several words below). He had offered us to bring some of his films in a hope to seem more attractive and receive our trust. I was glad to send him away forever so he left the stage. Than we saw an ugly furious face of local policeman from bad staff and passed away with great energy.

And in the conclusion of situation I will try to explain my position. It consists of 3 parts.
1 part: The objective point
1) He was drunk. He has no business card. His appearance was as he slept in his clothes about 2 months. When I study at the Grimov`s school of Film Directors I saw successful directors and losers. Our guy may be have some successful projects but only in his past.
2) It is impossible to make a serious deal with drunk guy in underground about 12 p.m. if he had a nice idea he would to come back in respectable view next day.
3) He was not able to ask the mobile phone numbers and did no notes.
4) He did not like to speak about the subject correctly. It seems as an ordinary drunk guy wants to speak with somebody attractive about his greatness.
5) He was not able to understand that his ideas needs a big budget to be good enough.
6) He babbled about serial “Our Rasha” which is ugly and stupid. He has an idea to use the documentary in something like that or sell/use it for unknown purposes.

2 part: The real life

1) You may imagine that a short film on TV brings you an advert but it is not a real situation. Nobody put your advert in program of Central TV. Maximum of glory will be your name in titles but who will read it?
2) Drunk director wanted to pinch the documentary material without worthy payment and put it into ugly context as all journalists like. For example to make a story about the fate which tore out talented artist from his Motherland and put him to our peripheral underground station. What a sad, what a pity, what a drop!
Because of that he with his impoverished ideas of self-helping could make a disgrace.
3) In practice if commercial directors paid for a material they would buy it and hardly explain for what. You can not check the final product, texts and your own final view.

3 part: My own feelings

1) I have never trust in drunk people and hate to speak with them. After 5 minutes of such conversation I became furious and want to tear there scalp without any narcosis.
2) Most of drunk people becomes stupid, bestial and I am too squeamish to have any contact with them. How dare he to burden us by his poor thoughts?
3) If somebody wanted to make a deal he must make a note and come back in respectable view.

Perhaps I am not right in my opinion. Perhaps it sounds too much hard and fast especially in Russia where more than 50% of adult population inherited such habits from generations of ancestors. I know that many of talented people have such habits. However I share my point of view with Buddha: if human beings destroy there conscious they became less than animals. 

1.     boxed up – запихивать;
2.     push (under, in, into), cram  (in, into) - запихать сов разг., запихнуть сов разг.)
3.     find the bean in the cake – посчастливится
4.     hammock chair - складной стул (с парусиновым сиденьем)
5.     appear – показаться
6.     occultly – загадочно
7.     Orphic (мистический)
8.     become disconnected – вырубиться
9.     faculty – дар
10.           bodeful  - зловещий
11.           redoubtable – устрашающий
12.           crest поэт. – шлем
13.           scares away – отпугивать
14.           make trips – курсировать
15.           presage - предчувствие (особ. дурное)
16.           demand (of, from) – требовать (с кого-либо, от кого-либо)
17.           Turbid – запутанный (туманный)
18.           drivel – чепуха (бред)
19.           into the bargain - в придачу
20.           request - (вежливо приказывать), (предложить сов)
21.           honorific - (выражающий почтение)
22.           be stupefied, be stunned - (обалдевать несов разг.)
23.           burden, burthen - (отягощать, обременить сов, отяготить сов)

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