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Создан: 20.05.2006
Написано: 8594

The Professional Risk

Четверг, 26 Июля 2007 г. 20:01 + в цитатник
The Professional Risk
First of all I want to transfer my cordially thanks to all of my dear readers, especially to whom of they who have been given to me their opinion. I am so impressed of your participation that there is no (English) words to express my gratitude. I only hope that you understand how it is valuable to me to have that lucky possibility for a long time.
After my first experience to translate the cloud`s description into English I had plucked up heart and had shown it to several persons. One of them was the Chinese musician which was an interpreter and an English tutor several years ago. It had been the most breath-taking  moment for the last months because his reaction was unexpecting.

To begin with I had printed 3 essay (The Coors of Clouds, The really Funny Things and about my visit in English Conversation Club) separately because I was not sure  what exactly the story worth to be shown. But I secured it into one file and so he got all of them. When he opened the file it was the essay about The Funny things with my unflattering remark about a naked Mongolian warrior and some secrets about bad habits of my cat.

I had expected that he had just understood the humor but he had been started to read with great and serious attention. While he had been reading his face become more and more strict. As I could see sometimes he reread the text twice and his emotions seemed as if thunder-clouds slowly covered the sky. All the time he had been pointing his finger on the text which remembered me some unpleasant things from a church`s school punishment practice.

I had begun worried about my sense of humor, his reaction for the Mongolians and bad cats and also about our good relations too when he closed the file. He had been starring at me at very strange manner. Finally he said:

- But WHY you had used the from preposition at that phrase and for preposition in that?..

Oh my Lord! Is it the only question? Is it really true?
And suddenly I had realized that as in my mind incorrect preposition is nothing, from his point of view it was an awful and tragic mistake which had never been forgiven. It was a serious disgrace because exactly the part of prepositions I refused from my education.
It was so impress experience that I went home with a strong intention to change my mind. And I have been doing it till that moment.
To sum up the subject I dare to say that my brave activity is really helpful as nothing else. Now I screw up my courage to print and show him my previous text about himself and our adventure with the drunk guy in the underground. Actually I had prepared it yesterday but it was raining and he was not in his usually position.
I assure your that I will do it. And if I were still alive after that I would describe my experience even it would brings me some gray hears. I beg you to pray at me to prevent my weak soul from professional writer`s risk.
1. screw up one's courage (подбодриться, подбадриваться, набираться храбрости)
2. pluck up one's heart, pluck up one's courage, pluck up one's spirits (собираться с духом)
3. muster courage, muster up courage, pluck courage (отважиться, отваживаться)
4. pluck up heart (собраться с духом)
5. screw up one's courage (собрать все свое мужество)
6. breath-taking  (захватывающий, потрясающий)
7. unflattering remark нелестное замечание
8. thunder-cloud – грозовая туча
9. intent, intention (стремление, цель)
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